Last Sail Before the Veil


Last week I spent a few days in Mexico for my cousin Aimee’s Bachelorette cruise and it honestly was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. The fact that we were far out at sea, with no wifi, and no cellular service was great. It’s difficult to really spend time with others if they’re just Snapchatting, Gramming, or Facebooking the whole time. I was super excited when Aimee asked me to be one of her bridesmaids for the wedding. I basically grew up with her and Marco (her fiancee) and it makes me so happy they’re finally getting married! We booked our Last Sail Before the Veil cruise with Carnival. They were great! The food was good, the people on the cruise were great, and the staff was fantastic. My best friend, Frangelica, and I were roomies for the first time ever in our college career. So of course we took plenty of selfies.


It was nice that we happened to book this cruise on the week of Cinco de Mayo. There was a fiesta on deck and my family and I cha-cha’d the whole time. I was telling my cousins how great my Sudio earphones are when I travel because not only are they wireless but they’re actually comfortable to put on AND the sound quality is amazing. It’s just great to have wireless because you avoid having your wires tangled up in your bags, luggages, or purses that’re carrying when flying and cruising. Since I don’t get to see my mom often, I was lucky enough to go on a trip with her. This was our first trip together outside of the United States! I can legally drink in Mexico so it was cool to cheers to our first tequila shots for the first time haha. Since I saw her a little before Mother's Day, I gave her my presents early. We both have matching Rothys now! They’re the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned. They’re also made out of water bottles which I think is crazy. It really was the best time hanging out with my mom at an older age. Our relationship is a lot different now but in a great way. 



The next day we finally arrived to Ensenada, Mexico. We spent most of our day at the Downtown Fleamarket where my mom taught me how to bargain for what I wanted LOL. It was super convenient to carry around my camera bag while disguised as a normal pocketbook! Seriously, Lo & Sons’ camera bag is EVERYTHING. I honestly can’t think of the last time I carried around a normal purse because this one is capable of carrying not only my camera but my lenses, makeup, wallet, and more. I collect shot glasses from wherever I travel so I came home with that, a magnet, a keychain bottle opener, and a Golden State Warriors designed key hanger for my roommate and I. The food at the fleamarket was TO DIE FOR. OMG. I miss it so much and wish we had the same quality of seafood, meat, and spices over here in NY. 

On our sail back, I got super sea sick. Our waiter for the last few days, Camillo, was the best waiter I have ever had and now I understand when people say that the staff is one of the  best parts of your cruise. I found out that the staff is employed here for 7 months straight. So they become each other’s family since they can’t be with theirs for a long time. Camillo was this really sweet a Filipino server who on our last night cooked us two of my favorite Filipino dishes of all time. Sinigang and Adobo. I was impressed. He really was the greatest server I’ve ever encountered in any dining experience!

Overall, the trip was amazing and I’m pretty sure Aimee had a great time with her friends and family meeting. A huge shout out to Kelby,  Auntie Carmen, and Xen for organizing all of this! And of course since it was a bachelorette cruise, there was a lot more that happened but what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico ;)