I’m that basic girl that owns an Audrey Hepburn canvas print. Lets face it. Audrey is iconic. You can name drop Audrey and everyone knows who you’re talking about. Dan Liu’s collection gave me major Hepburn vibes. If she were roaming New York today, I can see her rocking almost every look at this show. It brought me back to the time my friend and I went to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the New York Philharmonic. Everything about this collection brought me back to that night. Imagining outfits worn by the audience during the day at work and a quick change for Lincoln Center that night. Liu’s show was the best way to start out my Fall/Winter 18 (FW18).


A week’s notice for a change in location. R13’s show made me question why they chose a space that felt like a cold empty parking garage. I was curious about what was to come. Doors opened late but I’m not complaining- it’s fashion week and people are working as hard as they can. I laughed at how you couldn’t tell who was checking you into the show and who was attending. Everyone wore black. People who were working and people who were attending. The pops of color made it obvious that it was probably your first fashion show and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Black made it easier for newbies to blend in. Whoopi Goldberg made an appearance and I spoke to her briefly after the show. I told her, “First of all, I love your hair, my grandma loves you, my mom loves you, and I love you and I was wondering if I can get a hug.” She said of course and I have to say I’m SO relieved that her personality on tv is the exact same in person. Goldberg is an excellent human being.

Oh yeah, the show. R13.. man..

All I have to say is that cheetah suits are going to be a thing, long camo down jackets are NOT a thing (especially when tied over the shoulders), and neon yellow will never be a thing. Keep in mind that my opinions are based off of everything I know having worked in fashion, with successful designers, admiring the industry for 15 years, and attending fashion week for four seasons. I have absolutely no degree at a fashion institute. R13’s clothes might’ve been more appealing if it were presented differently. Going for an Earth-themed collection to promote awareness was clever and creative. The clothes, well, is something you will never find in my closet.

Desi Perkins x WWD x Maybelline

My cousin Camille came to visit during NYFW. She messaged me saying “omg I can’t believe she’s here!!” attached was a screenshot of Desi Perkins. I’ve never heard of her but thought she resembled J Lo and had great sense of style. Unfortunately Camille left before I got an RSVP to her master class with Maybelline and WWD during fashion week! I went over curious to see what all the hype was about. I ended up learning A LOT from this makeup guru. One of my goals this year is to learn how to do my own makeup. After just a few tips her and Katy shared, I’m more confident than ever with doing day to day makeup!

Christian Siriano

Siriano showcased his FW18 collection on February 11, 2018 and from what it seems, was a success. Cardi B was in attendance and she looked like she enjoyed it. As Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano celebrated his 10th Anniversary this fashion week, he was also working on a secret project. “Silhouette with Bloom” made its debut at Century 21 Stores down in TriBeCa. The design of the bottle is inspired by his iconic bridal gown for Kleinfeld that was showcased during SS18. I’m VERY picky when it comes to fragrances. Some are too strong and tend to give me headaches and some I feel the need to spray the whole bottle just to even smell. Siriano was a real trooper for coming into Century 21 after having a fever as high as 105. His personality reflects highly on his work. Fierce, classy, and fun. He told us that he was so busy with fashion week that he completely forgot Valentine’s Day was coming up and his husband jokingly demanded Christian still get him something. Hanging out with Christian Siriano felt like hanging with an old friend. He was so funny, nice, and with great spirits while being sick. Thank you Century 21 for such a memorable experience!

Vivienne Hu

She took a leather belt and made it fur. She took a statement gown of ruffles and formed it with silk. She made the color yellow look attractive. Vivienne Hu’s collection was jaw dropping. The music was great and matched the collection but it may have thrown off the pace for a few models at some point. This designer took women's work wear and turned it into something you’ll want to wear shopping down 5th Avenue on the weekends. Hu is creative when it comes to playing around with familiar pieces and designing them with unusual fabric. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a furry belt before- let alone in ruby woo. I’m not a fan of the color yellow but after seeing this collection you might see it on my instagram.


This fashion week I decided to attend each show without my DSLR. I currently own an iPhone 8 and honestly, I’m pretty proud of the photos and videos I captured. My outfits were shot by my talented friend, Jasmine Toy. Huge thanks to Treseme for getting me through fashion week!

See you next season and thanks for reading!




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