The Truth Behind the K


"Why did you leave your Instagram account that had thousands of followers?"

        I've been on Instagram creating content and working with a few different brands for about 6 years now. For those who don't know, Instagram changed their algorithm 3 years ago so that way posts on you newsfeed are no longer in chronological order, but instead are based off of accounts you like the most and how well their posts perform. Ever since Instagram integrated the new algorithm, it has been difficult to engage with my followers. I went from having about 15K followers, to removing the bot/ghost followers, and narrowed it down to about 5K followers.

you can still view my archived account here

I will only work with clients and brands who want to work with me for my work - NOT my numbers

        It took me a long time realize that having a "K" on your profile did not mean anything. I moved to New York honestly thinking, "Wow, he/she has thousands of followers and their photos are pretty good. They must be successful. I should become friends with them and learn how they got to where they are!"


        That is not the way to go. 18 year old Andie thought this was how to learn from the best and no my friend, that is not. Just because you have a following, does not necessarily mean you are talented or successful. Instagram used to "suggest users" back in the day and this basically meant that if they followed you, the thousands of new users creating accounts everyday would be suggested to follow you as well. This could easily give you 100s and 1,000s of followers in a day. 

        Anyway, I realized that some brands wanted to work with me for my K following and some wanted to work with me for my work. If you're a smart brand, you wouldn't have wanted to work with me for my numbers within the last couple of years. I had 15K followers and I was getting about 100-200 likes. I currently have less than 600 followers and I'm now getting 200-300 likes.



I don't regret leaving my old account

        I'm so much happier now that I can use social media as social media. I'm able to engage with my followers more than ever, I'm talking to new people on this platform everyday, I'm learning what my followers like seeing on my feed and stories, and I can tell which brands genuinely want to work with me for my work and engagement. I've decided to have my new account focus more on me rather than staying behind the lens. If you've thought about leaving your current account because of the algorithm, I highly recommend it!



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