London 2017


My cousin Camille was studying abroad in London this semester. So for my Spring break I decided to go visit her. I’ve been wanting to visit London for a while, especially because my Grandma spoke so highly of it. I was always told it was very similar to New York. And it was, just with prettier accents. If I’ve learned anything from packing, it was to travel with half an empty suitcase. That way you’ll have plenty of room to bring stuff home if you shop. So I packed some of my comfortable clothes from Adore Me, my Lo & Sons camera bag, and my Edgeiwear sunglasses and headed off into the U.K.

Drinking in London was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. And I’m not just talking about their pubs, I’m talking about their tea. If my daily routine can consist of having and tea from London and Bar hopping around SoHo, I would move there.

I realized how big of a Harry Potter fan I was once we stopped by Kings Cross to see Platform 9 ¾ . Yeup. I went crazy. And if any of you reading this follow Camille on Snapchat, you would’ve seen her calling me a nerd while I explained why this platform was significant. I left the store with a Marauder’s Map Puzzle, a Gryffindor tshirt, and two tickets to Platform 9 ¾. I regret not buying the Elder wand and Hermione’s Time Turner :(

On Easter Sunday, we went to church, walked around a little, and had fish and chips at Poppies. It was really nice to be with family for Easter for the first time in a few years.

Overall, London was amazing. I will definitely be back soon!