I fell in love with iPhone photography all over again over the last few months. I was an iPhone shooter for about 6 years and finally bought a camera August 2016. I abandoned my iPhone’s camera for a while and honestly, I didn’t have the eye for it anymore. Traveling to Mexico last month was such a great experience! And having these lenses with my on the go was super handy. Here are a few places and ways I’ve used them!

The Metropolitan Museum

Using the lenses at The Metropolitan Museum was super helpful. Crowded and smaller exhibitions like Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons required you to move around a lot to find the perfect angle to capture pieces without getting in anyone's way and vice versa. Luckily with the wide lens, I was able to stand directly in front of the pieces while capturing the whole set. To the left is the a photo without the lens and to the right is a photo with the lens. You’ll notice how wide the lens is by comparing the two :)

Central Park

Coffee Shops

If you want to avoid feeling embarrassed for standing on your chair at coffee shops to get the perfect shop, use the wide lens! I took these sitting down!


Thank you OOWA for reminding me how great my iPhone camera can be!

Andie MercadoComment